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Re-Entry Draft options: Slim pickings, but a gem or two may exist

Tomorrow brings the second stage of the re-entry draft, which leaves us to wonder if Real Salt Lake will bother selecting anybody. Quite a few players remain, even after some have withdrawn, others have been signed, and still others have been traded elsewhere.


Some notable options -- which, of course, means nothing in the grand scheme of things follow:

Joel Lindpere: Once an exciting addition to the league (or at least somewhat moderately exciting at best) and an interesting part of the New York Red Bulls, Lindpere would make for a fine backup for Luis Gil when he's a backup to Javier Morales. Which is to say ... Likelihood: No, thanks, but there's something neat about the idea of having an Estonian on the team.

David Ferreira: This guy was supposed to be better than Javier Morales, or something. At least that's how I remember people talking about him. Anyway, he and Javi suffered from terrible injuries that changed both their career in the short-term. We certainly won't sign him, but he does illustrate in part the resilience of Javier Morales. Likelihood: Again, no.

Fabian Espindola: Hey, that's a familiar name. Likelihood: You Can't Go Home Again.

Heath Pearce: You know, after letting Lovel Palmer go to Chicago, we could use a backup full back. Heath Pearce probably doesn't fit the mold, though, unless he wanted to take a rather significant pay cut -- he was paid upwards of $300,000 in 2013. Likelihood: $$, no.

Konrad Warzycha: Honestly, I really just wanted to type his name. Could he bring value? Hey, I don't really know, but we do have some history with ex-Columbus Crew players. But after playing for his old man, where does he go? Likelihood: Not unless we sign Robert Warzycha, and please, no.

James Riley: A right back (hey, we need one of those!) but one who was on a nice contract. If he's willing to drop those numbers by a digit -- lop the '1' off his '140,000', maybe -- I could see that as a not unreasonable option. Likelihood: Well, probably not.

Mehdi Ballouchy: Likelihood: Just kidding.

Laurent Courtois: We really do need somebody who is 35 years old in our squad. Step on up, Laurent. Likelihood: Well, uh, yeah. No.

Josue Soto: We might as well end with something that could actually happen. At Chivas, Soto was making a scant $35,000, and really, his performances can't really be judged much. He's not a terrible passer, and he can be moderately creative. You know, I don't hate the sound of this one. Likelihood: Why not?