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Depth Chart: RSL squad nears final look as season rushes into view

With the start of the season approaching in just over a week, Real Salt Lake's roster is in full focus after the addition of forward Olmes Garcia.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Goalkeepers (4)

Nick Rimando, Josh Saunders*, Jeff Attinella, Lalo Fernandez

The potential addition of Josh Saunders plumps up the goalkeeping ranks to something stronger than we've seen in some time. There's no doubt that Saunders is a good option to have, really, and if he wants to be here and not necessarily playing every week, we'll be happy to have him.

Defenders (9)

Central: Nat Borchers, Chris Schuler, Kwame Watson-Siriboe, Aaron Maund, Carlos Salcedo

Right back: Tony Beltran, Lovel Palmer

Left back: Chris Wingert, Kenny Mansally

How exactly this look shifts and changes throughout the season will be interesting, but it's all pretty well set now. Will Carlos Salcedo end the season as the last in line as a central defender? He's looked brilliant in preseason.

Midfielders (11)

Defensive: Kyle Beckerman, Yordany Alvarez

Outside: Ned Grabavoy, Luis Gil, Khari Stephenson*, Cole Grossman, Enzo Martinez, John Stertzer

Central attacking: Javier Morales, Sebastian Velasquez, David Viana

In this depth reading, the central attacking and outside midfielders in the diamond are fairly interchangeable — it's just an approximation at this point. The potential addition of Khari Stephenson would finish the movement here — at least until the summer, when RSL could look for another piece to the puzzle, should the midfield be unimpressive.

Forwards (5)

Alvaro Saborio, Robbie Findley, Joao Plata, Olmes Garcia, Devon Sandoval

The addition of Olmes Garcia brings Real Salt Lake's forward line to something more solid. Where exactly Garcia ends up in the depth chart is up to him at this point — he may end up behind Sandoval, or he may end up ahead of Plata — or even Findley. There's a lot that's yet to be determined with the new kid.

* Both Khari Stephenson and Josh Saunders are on trial with the club and are widely expected to sign. Still on trial with the club are full backs Nickardo Blake and Rich Balchan.