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Training notes: Javi trains, Garcia active, Velasquez tricky

I didn't gain many insights from the hour of training I watched yesterday, but it was more than refreshing to see that squad out there. Still, let's go over some notes, because there are still some interesting things to be gleaned.

Javier Morales trained a bit yesterday. Yes, that Javier Morales — and while he didn't train heavily (Jason Kreis said 15 to 20 minutes), he was doing some basic technical work. I'm not sure what timeframe this puts Morales on, but it's encouraging nonetheless.

Olmes Garcia was there and training! There's not much to be said about him yet, but he looked excited and happy — he always had a smile on his face. I mean, except in the photo above, but that's to be expected. Here's hoping his adjustment period goes well and he's out there soon.

Sebastian Velasquez is a bit cheeky in on-the-ball training sometimes — as is David Viana. There's nothing particularly wrong with that, I think, and it's always fun to see some of their more extravagant moves out there.

Carlos Salcedo continued looking like a very strong defender, and he's got some good finishing skills. He also spent a good deal of time after the bulk of training was completed working with CJ Brown on defending crosses. It's good to see, really.

Really, this is an excuse to share this photo, taken by Boz — check out more of his work.