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Watch: RSL players, staff talk club and supporter culture, Rocky Mountain Cup

This video, released by the club, features a slew of important players for Real Salt Lake talking about the Colorado Rapids rivalry and what it means to be part of the Real Salt Lake community.

It's all nice stuff, and while there's sometimes a sense that players and coaches give lip service to the community they're in, it's hard to doubt the sincerity of these guys, most of whom have been here for extended periods of time when more metropolitan — perhaps European — clubs would have grabbed them up without hesitation.

At any rate, it's always enlightening to hear players talking about why they've stuck around. Particularly of interest to me is Tony Beltran, who signed a new contract in the offseason, talking about why he's stayed. It's nothing earth-shattering, groundbreaking, or other earthquake-metaphor-ish, but to hear him talk about wanting to stay is fantastic. Here's a hint: It's not about the money.

There are also some fun shots you don't normally see, including a 2012 shot from the locker room showing a bit of tactical diagramming. That stuff just delights me.