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Player Ratings: Real Salt Lake 1 - 1 Colorado Rapids

Randal Serr returns once again with player ratings for Real Salt Lake's draw against Colorado Rapids. No prizes for guessing his top man this week.

Photo by Boz

Nick Rimando - 8 Let's be clear. Without Rimando, RSL would have lost this game. He made at least three critical, difficult saves to keep RSL alive. I hop that Saunders is up to the task when Rimando is called away on international duty.

Tony Beltran - 6.5 Had a great opportunity for a goal and although it did not go in, the keeper payed for it by taking his crack straight to the face. Beltran also kept the ball alive on the offensive end in a few tight spots.

Kwame Watson-Siriboe - 6. I felt like Kwame left everything he had on the field even though as Kreis said after the game, he was a bit hesitant after accidentally breaking Pickens' arm.

Chris Schuler - 4.5 Yikes. After his first major mistake that lead directly to the Colorado goal, he seemed shaken the for the better part of the game. The upside to this is that he is going to have more experience on how to bounce back from mistakes. The game against Colorado was undeniably one of his worst if not the worst performances of his career. Still like the kid a lot though and even in interviews he seems to be more candid and coming into his own.

Lovel Palmer - 5 Palmer had a sub-par performance in my opinion. His crosses seemed to be off or mistimed, but I might be proven wrong by the numbers.

Kyle Beckerman - 6 I have come to expect a bit more from the captain, but he did make some timely stops and rallied the defense after their missteps.

Sebastian Velasquez - 6.5 An entertainer and a fighter. You can tell he is hungry for a goal and it is only a matter of time before it happens. Once he puts one in, I get the feeling the floodgates will open for him.

Khari Stephenson - 6 The guy can take a shot from distance with ease. He is a great asset to the team when a veteran midfielder presence is needed. He seems composed and confident. THat said his previous two games were better.

Luis Gil - 6.5 No Luis Gil, no equalizing goal. He did a fantastic job to keep the ball in dangerous areas. His determination lead to the Plata assist.

Alvaro Saborio - 7.5 What else is there to say? He now has three goals in three games. The real question is this: When is someone else on this club going to start scoring? Until then Saborio is still by far the number one offensive threat.

Robbie Findley - 6.5 This was Findley's best game since returning to RSL. He probably could have done better with a couple of his chances, but in the first half he seemed to be the only one that was making any sort of threat up front. His feet seem quicker than ever and his touch is improved. I am optimistic that he will start producing soon.


Ned Grabavoys- 8 Much like Plata in week one, Grabavoy came in and changed the flow of the game in the second half. He seemed to be the most determined of the bunch to make something happen. Great game by "Grabavoys."

Devon Sandoval - 5.5 Small sample size to really have a good idea of what he can do and how he affects the game, but he is big and strong and seems to be in the right places at the right times.

Joao Plata -7 Great week one performance, average week two performance, and a pretty good week three performance. Seems to me that there is a good chemistry between Plata and Sabo. Plata put another ball on a platter for Sabo and of course Sabo finished it off. At this rate, Findley's starting position will be in question soon.

Photo by James Bosworth — check out his quite excellent Flickr photostream.