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Player Ratings: FC Dallas 2-0 Real Salt Lake

Randal Serr takes on Saturday's match with his player ratings — top of the pack this time? There's only one Nat Borchers.


Josh Saunders - 5.5 Saunders had a bit of rust on him, and that is forgivable as a backup GK. The first goal was tough to save. It was well taken and it's not like Saunders was out of position or anything. For the second goal, you can assign some of the blame to Saunders but not all of it. Maybe 1/3rd of the blame. I would assign just as much responsibility to Palmer for not just clearing the ball when he had a pesky forward breathing down his neck. The rest of the blame is on that pesky forward, Jackson.

Lovel Palmer - 4.5 In my humble opinion, most of the blame for both goals could be laid on Palmer. He got beat on the first one and made a very risky back pass on the second. He had some good moments with well-timed tackles, but I am not impressed so far.

Kwame Watson-Siriboe - 6.5 Once again, I felt like Kwame left everything he had on the field. His physical exertion alone gives him success every game.

Chris Schuler - 6.5 Much improved from last week and had great interceptions to foul up Dallas' attack.

Nat Borchers - 7 Probably the player of the game, Nat made a goal line save that just about gave the Dalas fans an ulcer. I'm happy Borchers has returned, we need him.

Yordany Alvarez - 5 I guess somebody has to pick up the slack for Espindola and Olave not being around to receive cards. His performance was average but his performance on the second yellow was at least Golden Globe worthy. (That's a bad thing.)

Ned Grabavoy - 5.5 Where was the game-changer from last week? I didn't even notice Ned was on the field most of the game. If consistency is key for Kreis, I'm not sure what he'd make of Ned not inserting himself more in the game.

Cole Grossman - 6 I like what I see out of Grossman for the most part. He connected well in dangerous areas, but you can tell he is still learning the RSL system to a certain extent. Time will fix that.

Luis Gil - 6 I have mentioned this in previous ratings, but Gil has to start to fully live up to his potential at some point. Flashes aren't going to get it done.

Joao Plata - 6 Plata's potential seems to be there for the better part of every game. I just wish he would have had more chances on goal.

Robbie Findley - 6.5 He gets a slightly higher score than Plata because of his defensive effort. A goal was averted simply because Findley ran all the way back and cut off the angle. He had a great attempt on goal as well. But he is going to have a hard time breaking that 6.5 rating until he scores or assists.


John Stertzer - 6 You have to be impressed that he is getting any time at all as ar noob. That's more than can be said for Enzo Martinez who I would have like to see get some minutes. Kreis even mentioned Enzo getting some playing time last week, but alas, it didn't happen. I'm starting to wonder if he is ever going to play. But this rating isn't about Enzo, is it? Stertzer had a few good moments and a few questionable moments. But you can't expect too much from a rookie. Maybe you can. I don't.

Devon Sandoval - 6.5 Came on an had an immediate impact. Much like the RSL brass, I really like where his game is headed.

Olmes Garcia - 6 His first touch was a shot on goal. Read that again if you have to. I really hope that is a sign for what's to come. And I was thrilled that he saw the field while he is still acclimating to the culture, MLS, English, and probably a few other things I am missing. With all these other new guys getting minutes, what are others like Enzo missing?