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Monday's friendly against BYU presents great opportunities

Jennifer Stewart

I know that a lot of RSL fans might not be super excited to see Monday's game. The chances seem high that it could be a little sloppy and have a lot of the lesser used players. This is a great chance to bring someone to their first game or at least their first game in a while.

Most of the people that are what you'd call casual fans will pay $5 to see a soccer match. They really won't know any difference between our new first team and the players likely to play on Monday. Imagine how much better we as a fan base will look if we can get FC Dallas attendance (more or less 5-7k) numbers for basically a reserve match?

Here are some selling points to your friends and family that would be willing to pay $5 to go to a match:

There will almost certainly be some starters playing. Chances seem pretty high that Javier Morales will play on Monday.

The future is now, last year most of us weren't lucky enough to see Sebastian Velasquez play in the reserve matches because a lot were during the work week. In the last 2 home match weekends we'll have been able to see the reserve team. The game that followed Colorado was a better match than the real MLS match was. Everyone that left early missed out because Olmes Garcia's assist was incredible.

For Ute fans, you get to watch RSL beat down BYU. What could be better? You know the team will be fired up to work them after just drawing against them last year.

For BYU fans, it's rare you get to see your favorite college team take on their professional counterparts. And last year it ended in an exciting draw.

In general, this is a good chance to try out a game from a different point of view. If you've never sat on the front row, here is your chance. If you have season tickets and have thought about possibly changing sections, this is a great low risk option to see what games might be like where you'd want to move to. Right now it is pretty easy to get close seats.

The players that are lesser known would appreciate support.

Do we only believe when there are MLS matches and CCL matches or do we believe on Monday nights against college teams? Step it up fellow RSLers, let's show the bench some love.