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Rimando up for State of Sport awards from Utah Sports Commission

Otto Greule Jr

The one and only Nick Rimando is up for two State of Sport awards from the Utah Sports Commission, including the somewhat prestigious 2013 Pro Male Athlete award.

He faces athletes like Paul Kruger (who I've only just learned is not the man for whom Krugerrands are named, just someone eerily similarly named), a professional golfer, a hockey player and ... well, let's just look at the list, shall we?

Paul Kruger

Trevor Lewis

Haloti Ngata

Nick Rimando

Daniel Summerhays

Jessie Wright

In a perfect world, Nick Rimando would win this hands-down, but it's a combination of a fan-vote and a judges panel that decide this. Last year, the male category was folded into a pro/collegiate category, and that basketball playing kid Jimmer Fredette won. Yawn.

Rimando's also up for highlight of the year — "Nick Rimando Stops Seattle" — which is pretty fantastic, but I'm not sure "stops" might be a misleading term. I mean, he had some good stops, but if memory serves — anyway, let's not relive that.

Anyway, let's go vote, shall we?