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Player Ratings: RSL Reserves 1-0 LA Galaxy

Denzel Eslinger

Josh Saunders: 7 ... Saunders didn't have much to do, but was good in the air to pick out crosses and prevent dangerous play from developing. He did well to keep a young back line focused and organized, though they certainly helped in that regard.

Rich Balchan: — ... Balchan didn't stay on the pitch long enough for a verdict to be reached after injuring his shoulder during a fall early on.

(SUB) Jordan Allen: 7.5 ... Allen was at the center of repeated attacks for RSL, and he spread play very effectively. Importantly, he didn't shirk his defensive responsibilities as a right back, which speaks well of his mentality as a young player. He turned 18 only three days ago.

Carlos Salcedo: 8 ... Salcedo is of the breed of center back that actively carries the ball forward from defense, and he looks fantastic when he does. But more importantly, Salcedo was actively communicating and organizing the defenders around him.

Aaron Maund: 7.5 ... Maund did very well today, clearing well and preventing too many opportunities from forming. He and Salcedo have formed an interesting partnership wherein Salcedo will carry the ball out of defense while Maund keeps attackers in his sights.

Abdoulie Mansally: 7 ... Mansally's first half was much improved from last time we saw him, and despite a bit of inconsistency and some poor decisions in the second half, he didn't do too much wrong. It's easy to forget his youth and the inconsistency that follows rather naturally.

Enzo Martinez: 7 ... Martinez looked significantly better than last week's poor showing against Phoenix FC. He sat in front of the defense well and had some efficient passing, but he left a bit too much to the defenders at times. Still, he didn't look out of place and had some confidence about his play, which is good to see.

(SUB) Yordany Alvarez: 6 ... Alvarez didn't have much to do in his time on the pitch, coming into play in the 80th minute.

John Stertzer: 6 ... Stertzer was efficient in his passing and nearly scored in the second half, but you can very much see the learning process taking place out there. There is certainly much to be excited about with Stertzer, and these matches will be essential in reaching that point.

Khari Stephenson: 6.5 ... Stephenson didn't involve himself too heavily, but when he did, you could see his calm play steadying a sometimes rocking team. His contribution was less palpable than Stertzer's, but it's easy to see his influence taking hold at times. He's also rarely caught out of position.

Sebastian Velasquez: 8.5 ... Velasquez scored the goal, sure, but he drove RSL forward time after time and rarely lost possession doing so. He's still learning the top of the diamond, but the mentoring by Javier Morales is paying dividends already. His ability to break into wide spots and pull defenders out of position does us a world of good.

David Viana: 6 ... It's obvious that Viana's not really a striker, but it may be the position in which he fits best in Jason Kreis's system. He may not have had the service he needed, but he didn't put himself in optimal positions to get it, either. He once again seems not just a square peg in a round hole, but a peg that nobody's quite sure what shape it is, although it may or may not fit into a slot on the board.

Devon Sandoval: 6.5 ... Sandoval was good in the air but perhaps could have done better holding up the ball and getting David Viana involved in play. His work rate was, as ever, incredible, and he could have scored in the second half during a good sequence for RSL.