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Player Ratings: Real Salt Lake 0-2 LA Galaxy

Randal Serr's player ratings this week see him take on a less-than-stellar RSL performance in a 2-0 loss at home to LA Galaxy. Few come out of this one with much credit.




Nick Rimando - 6.5 - Two goals got past him although I wold argue that neither of them were his fault. He made a fantastic save in the second half just when nearly everyone in the stadium thought the third Galaxy goal was about to happen. In other words, he saved RSL from getting completely annihilated at home.

Lovel Palmer - 4.5 Just when I was starting to think Palmer was coming around, he reverted to the caliber of his earlier performances. He looked out of place and even lazy at times when he didn't even run out to mark a man on the side when he was about to cross a ball into the box. I said last week that Wingert has some serious competition. I retract that statement and the reason is that Palmer is not consistent.

Nat Borchers - 6 - Borchers played slightly better than the other defenders, but the lackadaisical feeling was felt on the entire defensive end for the first 15 minutes and Borchers was not exempt from it.

Chris Schuler - 4 - It pains me to give the low of a rating to Schuler but having watched the second Galaxy goal over and over again, Schuler had the goalscorer marked and then walked away to someone outside of the box. The rest of the game he just seemed like he lost his composure and unfortunately that is becoming a pattern. If he gets beat once, he seems out of sorts for a good while. I think he is getting too comfortable in his starting position and hearing the RSL brass go on and on about how much potential he has doesn't help. He might be getting entitled and losing focus.



Tony Beltran - 5.5 - Beltran usually has a solid game week in and week out. It's not that he played horribly against the Galaxy, but he did get beat on the Magee goal, plain and simple. He just got outworked on that one.

Kyle Beckerman - 6 - He was passionate and tried to lead the team back into competition after the horrid start, but he had his fair share of giveaways while trying to push forward. Bad giveaways in bad spots won't get you a very high rating.

Ned Grabavoy - 7 - Grabavoy was one of the brighter spots on the night. He has shown well in all but maybe one game this year.

Javier Morales - 6 - I haven't seen the numbers, but Morales seemed to be givng the ball away more than usual as well. He had some bright moments, but he has to be better.

Luis Gil - 6 - Gil had some good offensive opportunities and did pretty well with them, but you have to finish.



Joao Plata - 6 - Also had some good opportunities to score, but didn't put one in the net. His small size seems to be a disadvantage at times even though his quickness is an asset.

Olmes Garcia - 6.5 Great work rate and seemed dangerous off and on. I don't know whether to call it unlucky or what, but hitting the crossbar multiple times doesn't put points on the board.



Devon Sandoval - 5.5 - Sandoval didn't look near as good as he usually has at home. He will make a capable backup for Sabo down the road, but he has a lot of work to do.

Yordany Alvarez - 6 - Yordany seems to be playing better this year. Maybe he is more comfortable in his role or in the RSL system, but he looks like a much improved player to me.

Sebastian Velasquez- 6.5 - I am glad to see Velasquez getting consistent minutes this year because I think he brings something to the fiield that no one else does. He is amazing with the ball at his feet and is as good at taking someone on in a one on one situation as I have seen in a while.