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When Last They Met: RSL v. Colorado Rapids, three weeks ago

Why, it seems like only yesterday (or three weeks ago) that Real Salt Lake played Colorado. In case you've already forgotten about that match (and let's be honest, there might have been some desire to), let's go over what happened. You could always watch the highlights (above), but where's the fun in that?

  • The defense got beat by the Colorado front line over and over and over. Chris Schuler was particularly culpable for the goal conceded.
  • Joao Plata and Devon Sandoval both nearly changed the match but couldn't finish.
  • Jason Kreis ditched the 4-4-2 late on and went to a more adventurous 3-4-3. It paid off when Alvaro Saborio finished off what seemed a squandered opportunity by the attack.
  • Colorado probably could have won the match handily had their forwards been a bit more deadly. Deshorn Brown was incredible. (And incredibly upsetting, I suppose.)
  • Before scoring, RSL's passing sat at a luxurious 86% but declined to 81% after the goal. That's what searching for a late winner will do.