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Player Ratings: Grabavoy, Wingert impress in 4-1 thumping over Chivas


Nick Rimando - 8 The one goal that got past Rimando was a bit of a fluke if you ask me. I'm not convinced that Chivas was intentionally placing the ball when they got their head on it. Besides that, Rimando had at least two huge saves that kept RSL from losing its grip on the game. Rimando once again proves himself to be the best keeper in MLS.

Chris Wingert - 8 Wingert had his best game of the season and looks to be fully fit and confident again. He looked like the consumate leader in the back.

Carlos Salcedo - 7.5 I am loving the academy product more and more as he gets more first team playing time. It is hard to believe that he is only 19 years old with the confidence he exudes. I think his biggest upside is how comfortable he is with the ball. Dare I say he is moving ahead of Watson-Siriboe in the centerback pecking order? I feel more calm watching him back there, I don't know about you.

Nat Borchers -7.5 You cannot understae the value that Borchers brings with his leadership in the back. He made some well-timed saves and looked very sharp.

Tony Beltran - 7 Tony did a great job with the ball on the wing. Not his fault that the field was sippery and he got caught playing catch-up a few times. He put the ball in the right places even though the forwards/midfielders didn't finish some of those opportunities.

Kyle Beckerman - 7.5 Beckerman was all over the field making great passes and cutting off the strange Chivas attack.

Ned Grabavoy - 9 Grabavoy was out for blood and finished his chances with what looked like ease. After the game he said he will ahve to start scoring goals in pairs in honor of his twins, I won't complain if that's the case. Man of the match.

Luis Gil - 4.5 Maybe this is too harsh, but maybe it's not. You could see the look on Gil's face when he came off the field and he knew that he did not have his best game, nowhere close to it. When Findley and Gil were 2 vs. 1 against Kennedy, that was the clearest of chances and Gil looked to hesitate, hesitate, and then when he made a decision it was way too late and he kicked it right at Chivas player. The camera zoomed out and you could see Beltran's reaction which was priceless and summed up what just happened. If you didn't see it, go take another look. Either way, this was another exhibit of why many are clamoring for Velasquez to get minutes over Gil.

Javier Morales - 5.5 I am likely to get some flack for this rating, but Morales tried (unsuccessfully) to thread the needle a few to many times and his last touch seemed to be off all night long. And having watched his assist to Ned's first goal, I am still not sure if he meant to pass it to Ned or if he completely miss-hit it.

Devon Sandoval - 6 If Sandoval could just increae his skillset by being able to do more with the ball once he gets it, he would be much better. He did well holding up the ball and giving the Chivas defense headaches though.

Joao Plata - 7.5 Four assists and finally a goal for the "diminutive" striker. He looks to fit perfectly into the RSL system. That, or Toronto didn't know how to use him properly. The RSL strike force is looking better all the time. Hopefully this is the beginning of a breakthrough season for Plata.


Yordany Alvarez - 6.5 With more time he could have done more, but he had a great assist in a short period of time. He also had a dangerous yellow card foul that gave Chivas a good chance to score on a set piece. Oh well.

Khari Stephenson - 6.5 Much like ALvarez, Stephenson did really well with a short amount of playing time. He had a beautiful assist that put the goal on a platter for Joao.

Robbie Findley - 7 Haters are gonna hate when it comes to Findley. I will be the first to call him out for not finishing that one-on-one chance. It was clear and it was his for the taking. You have to finish those. But considering that he hadn't seen playing time in well over a month and he came on and scored a goal in 30 minutes, that is pretty good. With a couple more games under his belt I believe he will be better than ever.