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Amid lawsuit, internal strife, XanGo sponsorship future seems uncertain

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With RSL kit sponsor — and long-time financial supporter through sponsorship means — XanGo suffering through internal strife, the odds that Real Salt Lake finds a new sponsor in 2014 grow. The most recent lawsuit includes claims of international bribery, financial impropriety, and a host of other issues.

The lede from this AP story sums it up well: "A co-founder of exotic juice maker XanGo LLC - one of Utah's most successful brands - has filed a lawsuit claiming his partners are looting the company for exotic vacations and luxury gifts."

Should RSL be looking at new sponsors in 2014, or has XanGo proven themselves a capable partner worth continuing forward with? It's hard to dispute that the XanGo sponsorship has helped the club in not insubstantial ways.

In a Deseret News article, RSL communications were understandably mum on the matter: "Real Salt Lake values its long-standing partnership with Xango. We have no comment on the referenced litigation."

What's your take? Who would be a good kit sponsor as RSL enters a new era of ownership and financial security?