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Player Ratings: Real Salt Lake 3-2 Atlanta Silverbacks (AET)

Randal Serr offers his take on how individuals performed against Atlanta Silverbacks in last night's overtime US Open Cup win.

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sport

Josh Saunders - 6.5 - You could make a strong argument that the first Silverbacks goal was Saunders fault for playing too high off his line, but the second goal was just quality and not much more than a consolation prize for the opposition. I will say this: Saunders seems a bit shaky having not played meaningful games for a while. If he got more time, he would seem less rusty. All in all, not bad.

Chris Wingert - 7 - I though Wingert gave up the ball a in bad spots a couple times but he did put in a good night on the defensive side of things. His veteran experience showed through to that end.

Carlos Salcedo - 7 - The 19-year-old academy product is getting some valuable minutes in the back and he looks like he belongs there playing first-team quality. .

Kwame Watson-Siriboe -7 - Aggressive as ever and made some very timely saves. He worked his heart out, maybe even more than Sandoval.

Lovel Palmer - 6.5 - There were a couple times when I thought Palmer had good chances and that he should have taken a shot. Alas, he was selfless or made what in my mind may have been the wrong decision. This is a long way of saying he did pretty well with a couple questionable decisions.

Kyle Beckerman - 7.5 - A goal and a lot of work put in for the captain. Not a bad night if you ask me.

Sebastian Velasquez - 6.5 - I thought Sebastian lost a bit of his creative magic against the Silverbacks. I didn't see anything out of him tonight that made me say "wow." Not a horrible game by any means, but I expect more flash.

Yordany Alvarez - 6.5 - Not a bad showing from the normally-a-late-sub-kind-of-guy. I was glad to see him get a start and he did pretty well playing his role.

Javier Morales - 7.5 - If I am not mistaken, Javi had two assists against Atlanta and that's not too shabby. He gave Atlanta headaches and really dictatled the flow of the game for RSL.

Devon Sandoval - 7.5 - Sandoval held up the ball well as usual and got a critical goal in extra time. Sure, he could have finished perhaps another chance, but so could all of the forwards.

Robbie Findley - 6.5 - A lot of work and offensive prowess showed through for Findley tonight. Problem is, he missed another clear chance. All the Findley haters will point to that as another example of why Findley should be last in the RSL forward ranks, but Findley's goal per shot percentage is better than Sandoval's and Plata's and he brings an element to the field that RSL needs to make their offense flow. His goals will start going in. The floodgates will open eventually.


Joao Plata - 7 - Another assist for the wee Ecuadorian, albeit not in MLS play. I can't be sure if his goal was justly taken away, but he seemed to change the game a bit when he came on.

Khari Stephenson - 7 - The ever calm Stephenson made a cracker of a goal off of a volley. It was one of those goals that brings you off of your seat because it was that impressive. Good showing for the Jamaican.

Ned Grabavoy - 6.5 - Grabavoy didn't complete the creative passes that he has been over the past few games, but he still brought a different look when he came on for Velasquez.