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Ahead of Vancouver visit to RSL, Three Questions with Eighty Six Forever

Today, we talk to Jon Szekeres, Vancouver Whitecaps blogger at Eighty Six Forever, about his side's chances on Saturday, the midfield, new faces, and RSL's chances.


1. What are some of the areas in Vancouver's setup that Real Salt Lake might be looking at in order to secure points?

If you're looking for the soft underbelly of the Whitecaps, set pieces are always going to be an easy spot to pick on. They rarely score on them, and defending them is it's own adventure. Other than that, RSL needs to contain the 'Caps midfield to slow them down. If Nigel Reo-Coker, Gershon Koffie, or Camilo get a little bit of space, they can do damage. RSL should also keep an eye on Darren Mattocks. Mattocks has been struggling with his finish lately, but he's doing everything right in his quest to bump his slump.

2. How's that new kid faring? Nigel something? In all seriousness, how is Nigel Reo-Coker - and the other new faces - fitting in?

Reo-Coker started the season with a bang, then sagged a bit. He's been much, much better recently, and his attitude and confidence have brought swagger to this club; something that was desperately needed with Jay Demerit out of the lineup. His game against FC Dallas on the weekend was brilliant, and he would have had two or three assists had Darren Mattocks been able to pull the trigger more effectively. He's been a great addition, and the best part is, he hasn't realized his potential in MLS play yet.

3. Given RSL's injuries up top and profligacy through the still-short season, how confident are you in your side keeping a clean sheet?

Not very. The 'Caps have had real trouble keeping the ball out of their net this year. Joe Cannon is the number one guy right now, and he's allowed four goals in the last two matches. The rough part? It's not his fault. The team defense has been strong at times, but generally they've a little less inconsistent than the scoring. Obviously, RSL has had a tough go of it this season, and it's definitely a possibility, but I wouldn't bet money on it.