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When Last They Met: RSL v. Vancouver, April 13

It seems like only yesterday that I was making a joke about it seeming like only yesterday about another early season rematch. But it's the joy of the conference setup we've got now, so I'll refrain. Simply put, we faced Vancouver Whitecaps not long ago at all. And by not long ago, I mean that only two opponents sit between them and us when we're looking in the past.

But that aside, let's talk about the match a little bit.

There was a penalty called against Nat Borchers for "handling the ball." It was bad. Like, really bad. So bad that I wrote about it for a good long while. You can read my rant, should you like.

We also saw a screamer of a goal from Olmes Garcia, and that's really the biggest highlight of that match. It sort of signalled that he was, well, here. And probably ready. Or at least more ready than we thought.

That said, watch the highlights and prepare for a rematch.