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Player Ratings: Second-half response marks substitute impact


Josh Saunders - 6 Saunders is starting to look a bit more comfortable in his new digs with RSL. I don't think it is reasonable to assign him blame for the first goal, and probably not the second either. The defense looked disorganized and slow to respond.

Chris Wingert - 5.5 One of my favorites had another what I would call "less than par" performance. I thought he like the rest of the team responded well after that first half disaster, but the club has to be held accountable for that first half. Wingert was just as much at fault as anybody else.

Nat Borchers - 6 Nat was not a fan of the first goal not being called offisides and I cannot yet attest to whether or not it actually was offsides yet without seeing highlights. He did well after the fact and had a solid second half himself and rallying the rest of the defense to a better performance.

Aaron Maund - 4 Maund was thrown in with the wolves, or so it would seem. I did not expect him to debut against a lower level club and get beaten so badly. It looked like after that first goal went in, and especially the second, Maund lost all composure and couldn't receive the ball well let alone defend. Like Kreis said after the game, hopefully this is a teaching opportunity.

Tony Beltran - 7 The bright spot in the defense in my mind was Beltran. He skyed a shot, sure, but he also had a key assist to Sandoval that lead to RSL getting something going on the offensive end. Beltran looked as motivated as anyone from the second half on.

Kyle Beckerman - 6.5 Even our beloved captain was way off in the first half of the game. That said, after Kreis challenged the team at half Beckerman looked as sharp and determined as ever and when he plays like that it is really fun to watch.

Ned Grabavoy - 6 In the second half, Grabavoy was as sharp as a tack and as slick as a snake's belly . He won the ball at a critical time which lead to the goal that put the game to bed. Too bad that first half happened or his rating would be much higher.

Javier Morales - 7 An assist and a goal. All in a day's work (or a half plus extra time's work) for the likes of Javi. Maybe Kreis should give that challenge speech before the game starts? I'm sure he does. Who knows?
Olmes Garcia - 6 No goals from Olmes? What? I guess he isn't Messi yet, but that's alright. He showed a lot of grit even in the face of a disastrous performance by the team in the first half. He was trying with all his might to get a goal but it didn't work out.

Devon Sandoval - 7.5 Had it not been for that initial 45 minutes, Devon would have had the best game of his young career. As time went on he got more confident and played well as indicated by his two goals. He held the ball up well at important times and did pretty well creating go ahead chances for his teammates.

Sebastian Velasquez - 5.5 Velasquez was one touch away on his spin move from getting a great chance to open the game up with a goal, but it got away from him. Besides that he did alright keeping the ball, but he also got beat by the defenders more than usual which is odd to see as we are accustomed to him beating defenders with relative ease. His defensive effort is worth noting though.


Joao Plata - 7.5 A goal and an assist for the wee man. You could argue that he should have a higher rating, but he has to start putting away his chances, especially when they are as clear as the one or two he had last night. Plata is a creator, there is no doubt. He creates chance after chance for those around him, but when it is his turn, it seems that he can't put the ball in the net.

Khari Stephenson - 7.5 One of the few players that escapes the downgrade in ratings for that dismal first half performance, Khari had another goal that raised some eyebrows at Rio Tinto Stadium. This is the first player in a while that RSL can say is truly very dangerous from distance and that is a great weapon to possess.

Robbie Findley - 6 Why the hesitance to take a shot? I can't explain it, especially after the performances he had over the past few games. His strength against Charleston was his ability to stretch the defense and open things up for the RSL attack. He made some good decisions to pass at times, but he needs to be a bit more greedy at times.