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Player Ratings: RSL Reserves with another scoreless draw with Phoenix FC

Garrett Cleverly, Grande Sports Academy

Attinella: 7.5 - Jeff Attinella didn't have much to do throughout, but when he was called upon, he made good saves and came out well for crosses. His decision-making throughout was spot-on.

Watson-Siriboe: N/A - Kwame picked up an injury early on and can't really be ranked on his momentary appearance.

Salcedo: 8 - The young center back has a real knack for stepping into the right position and winning headers against strikers - this is exactly what you want your center backs to be doing, of course, but to see it so young in his career is encouraging. He was spot-on last night.

Maund: 7.5 - Maund went from looking simply bad to solid in the course of three days. Given he doesn't play much, that's not surprising. He did well to snuff out chances during their early stages.

Palmer: 7 - Lovel got forward well when needed and didn't do too much wrong. I'd like to see more attacking thrust from him.

Alvarez: 6 - Alvarez broke up play well, but he takes a big hit from a moment of frustration that should have seen him sent off. He was called for a foul late on - perhaps unjustly - and immediately lashed out at the ball, which hit the referee. I don't know that it was purposeful, but it was very bad behavior.

Grossman 5.5 - I'm not really sure what Grossman did out there for me. He did rotate positions well, but he didn't offer much in the way of balance to the midfield. In the future, I'd like to see him a bit more assured, but given he's still only just coming back from a serious concussion, he does deserve some leeway.

Martinez: 7.5 - This is the best I've ever seen Enzo Martinez look. He was assured on the ball, willing to attack, and eager to make a difference. It was also the first time I'd seen him in the side of the diamond in some time, and he looked, well, very good there.

Velasquez: 7.5 - Sebastian Velasquez was, by and large, magical on the ball, but I'd like to see a bit more in the final pass from him. He'll get there, I'm sure, but these sorts of games are tailor-made for him to hit those marks. He takes a hit for not chipping the goalkeeper to score a fantastic goal, as in the last time I saw him score a reserves goal. Just kidding.

Sandoval: 6 - Devon Sandoval remarkably started the match and played a full half after going 120 minutes on Wednesday. I was pleased to see him removed at the half, as I don't much want him to die of exhaustion.

Garcia 6.5 - No matter how magical the striker, options are needed from the midfield. They weren't forthcoming, so Olmes Garcia didn't end up with many chances. Still, he made a few from out wide on his own, but I'd also like to see him play the easy pass on the flank and make a run sometimes.


Glad: 7.5 - Justen Glad, only 16, didn't look out of place at right back once Watson-Siriboe left the match. How remarkable is that? He's a member of the US U-17s and it's easy to see why.

Lopez: 6.5 - Benji Lopez nearly scored with a fine header from a Justen Glad cross, but aside from that, he didn't do much. He didn't get many chances, either. It's hard to fault him for the latter, but I wasn't entirely comfortable with his partnership with Olmes Garcia. That should hardly be surprising, as Lopez is fresh out of the academy and not vastly experienced with our side.

Viana: 6 - David Viana had a very nice moment in which he nearly played a striker through on goal, but other than that, I didn't see anything substantial from him during his short time out there.

Brody: N/A - Andrew Brody wasn't on long enough to garner any sort of rating, but the academy kid didn't look uncomfortable out there.