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Reserves Ratings: RSL falls 2-1 to San Jose after late goals

Real Salt Lake struggled to create in today's reserves match, but given the presence of several trialists, that shouldn't be too surprising.

Lalo Fernandez: 7. He wasn't particularly at fault for either goal, so assigning to him any blame would be wide of the mark. He did make some stellar stops and distributed well generally.

Lovel Palmer: 6.5. The Jamaican wasn't bad at left back, but he didn't really do much of note. Had some good moments in the first half.

Aaron Maund: 6. Maund didn't cover himself in glory on the second goal, and he -- along with half the team -- was at fault for the first. As our fifth-choice center back at the moment, though, he did assert himself well. More regular playing time will help him.

Carlos Salcedo: 6.5. The youngster has a tendency to carry the ball forward and make an effective pass, and we saw plenty of that. He looked confident and well-prepared, and he was relatively blameless on both goals.

Enzo Martinez: 6. Playing at right back, Enzo had some great attacking moments but wasn't stellar in defense. He went to ground for a tackle far too easily on the first goal, allowing the movement to continue when he could have stopped a pass. He'll improve, and he might even have a future as a full back at times, but he has to improve defensively.

Yordany Alvarez: 7. Solid. Does more need to be said? Oh, right. He picked up a yellow card.

Sebastian Velasquez: 8.5. The kid scored a fantastic goal after beating three players on the flank, laying off a good pass, and making a perfect run into the middle. If that wasn't enough, he held his shot until the goalkeeper dove, and then he chipped him. Breathtaking stuff. It shouldn't be long until he scores a first-team goal.

David Viana: 6.5. It's hard to see what Viana brings sometimes, but he always has a few great moments in attack. He also got back reasonably well, but he wasn't hugely impressive.

Scott Sealy: 5. Sealy, a trialist that last played with FC Dallas, didn't do much during the first half and was substituted afterward. It's understandable though -- he doesn't have experience with RSL and won't necessarily be evaluated on how he immediately fits in. It's hard to see him getting in past any of our forwards right now, though.

Devon Sandoval: 6.5. Good, hard work from the striker, though he played only one half. After playing 120 minutes last week, he looked a little tired. Who can blame him?


Victor Garza: 5.5. A trialist that has played at Tigres with Carlos Salcedo, Garza played wide on the left side and wasn't wholly involved after coming on in the second half.

Olmes Garcia: 7. To put it simply, Garcia is a dangerous player that creates chances. His performance wasn't much of a surprise, but he never got an undisputable chance to score.

Cole Grossman: 6.5. With his first minutes after suffering a concussion, Grossman came on and added an element of control to the midfield.

Andrew Brody: 6. The academy prospect came on late and moved around well, but he didn't have enough time to really put a mark on the match.