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Player Ratings: Beckerman masterclass paves the way for 2-0 win over Seattle


Nick Rimando - 6.5 - Another shutout on Rimando's resume and it only took two saves! Quiet night overall.

Chris Wingert - 6.5 - Looked good against a Sounders attack that was less than impressive. It is always reassuring to have Wingert in the lineup.
Nat Borchers - 7 - Almost had a goal even though the replay showed that he was clearly offside unfortunately. He is taking Salcedo under his wing and showing him how it is done with his on the field play.

Carlos Salcedo - 7 - Somebody called ESPN 700 after the game and mentioned just how big of a deal it is that Salcedo is only 19 and filling some pretty big shoes. He is going unnoticed by and large but his future is bright. He made some solid step ins and was part of the defensive stand that kept the Sounders to a franchise low 2 shots on goal.

Tony Beltran - 7 - Beltran worked as hard as I have ever seen him work, to the point where the crowd was chanting his name. He should be getting called back up to the US Men's National Team again soon.

Kyle Beckerman - 9.5 - This was probably Beckerman's best performance in years. His goal had enough quality on it to make the entire league raise their eyebrows and largely due to his play the Sounders could not get their attack going. He broke up the Seattle momentum time after time and was playing with a ton of grit. Beckerman is like a fine wine. He only gets better with age.

Ned Grabavoy - 6.5 - Pretty sharp display from Grabavoy who I am now convinced is having the best year of his career by far. In fact, I think much of what makes RSL's offense click is when he is pushing forward.

Javier Morales - 7 - If soccer was a fair sport, Javi would have had at least one assist, but you can't blame him much for that. That said, I was surprised he didn't find Beckerman wide open on the set piece where Beckerman ended up scoring off the deflection.

Khari Stephenson - 6 - It is a good sign when the crowd seemed to be anxious every time Khari got a little space for a shot from distance. His threat from outside the box is legit and gives RSL one more weapon on offense that makes it that much harder for teams to prepare.

Alvaro Saborio - 6.5 - Fantastic to see Sabo return and play the full 90. He got the loudest reception of all the players. He should have had a goal and he knew it, but having him on the field is a serious threat. It's only a matter of time before he is putting balls in the back of the net again. He was credited with an assist on the Findley goal although I'm pretty sure he didn't intend it that way.

Robbie Findley - 7.5 - Great finish off the deflection from Sabo even though he probably should have done better with his first attempt. Either way, he deserved the goal and he got it. I still contend that he needs to be a bit quicker to look for himself when he is in the box. He could have had one or two more clear chances on goal.


Sebastian Velasquez - 5.5 - This rating might be a bit low, but not because he didn't play well, in fact, I thought he held the ball up well and was part of RSL's offensive dominance in the second half. He just didn't see much time.

Olmes Garcia - 7 - Garcia is really fun to watch because you can see just how bad he wants it. He doesn't give up on any ball and gives Real a real shot of energy when he enters.

Yordany Alvarez - I can't really give a rating to a guy that played one minute. My guess is he will see plenty of time in the Open Cup game on Wednesday.