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Player Ratings: Stellar Findley performance against San Jose indicates return to form


Nick Rimando - 7.5 I feel like I am a broken record most weeks, but Rimando came up with I believe three saves in the second half of the game that preserved the shutout and left RSL with a comfortable lead. Pretty impressive considering that he kept his focus even though in the first half there were no shots or shots on goal from San Jose. And I don't know if this is good or bad, but he currently leads the league in saves at 46.

Chris Wingert - 6.5 This was not a standout peformance for Wingert, but I am glad that he has recovered well from injury without any setbacks. He has a similar effect on the defense as Borchers.

Nat Borchers - 7 I feel most comfortable with the defense when Borchers is in the lineup, plain and simple. He provodes organization and confidence that is not quite there when he is out.

Kwame Watson-Siriboe -7 I haven't seen a defender sacrifice the body quite as much as Kwame did on Saturday, He made saves at the right time and was there when the going got sort of tough (San Jose wasn't great.)

Tony Beltran - 7.5 Minus his shot that probably should have been a pass, that was likely Beltran's best showing of 2013. He won his challenges and completed almost every one of his passes. He was a huge reason why San Jose didn't have even one shot in the first half of the game.

Kyle Beckerman - 7 I cannot complain about Beckerman's performance one bit. He was linking up really well with the offense and made things flow from the back to the front and that is exactly what he is supposed to do.

Khari Stephenson - 5.5 I don't know if it was the nerves against his old team or what, but Khari didn't look very good. He was visibly worse than normal, not that he had a horrible game, but it was clear that it wasn't his best day.

Ned Grabavoy - 7.5 Is this Grabavoy's best year of his career? I would venture to say yes. He looks much more involved and confident than ever before and his finish to score that goal was quality.

Javier Morales - 8 I think it is now very safe to say that Javi looks like the Javi of old. He is the "piano player" as Beckerman called him in the post game interview. Three goals and counting.

Joao Plata - 7.5 That dummy assist to Grabavoy was top notch and it was fun for the fans. Plata is the kind of player that entertains the crowd. Besides that, his play created a lot of dangerous opportunities for Real Salt Lake and Kreis called it his best game of the year.

Robbie Findley - 8.5 You could make an argument, and I will, that Findley made the offense dangerous against San Jose. He ended up with an assist and a goal that is almost sure to be one of the best of the year for RSL. He directly or indirectly created a lot of scoring chances for the club and put San Jose on their heels with his speed with is his biggest strength. I haven't heard too many Findley haters being vocal after this game. And that's because he was the man of the match and Kreis stated after the game that Robbie is just now regaining full form. Not bad for a guy that already has three goals and an assist while not being fully fit.


Olmes Garcia - 6.5 Once again Garcia's athleticism showed through. He was able to run around a defender with the ball and without any tricks. All that from a difficult position in the midfield to begin with. He was just plain faster than the guy. Good work in short time.

Abdoulie Mansally - 5.5 I can't think of anything that really stood out about Mansally's peformance. Not that he played very many minutes, but it seems to me that his home debut with RSL was his best showing and he hasn't quite reached that level again.

Luis Gil - 6 I thought Gil did okay, but he made a couple of strange decisions in the final third when it seemed obvious that there was a clearer, wiser pass to be made. I can't complain too much about three goals in a game from the team, but there probably could have been four with some better decision-making.