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Three Questions with Big D Soccer ahead of visit to FC Dallas


1. You folks started the season so, so strongly and have now not won since the end of May. What happened, and how can you recover? Also, can it please not be against us?

It's funny that you ask that because we have had a bunch of discussion in North Texas about this very issue. The short answer is that it is a little bit of everything. We've had a few injuries as of late with David Ferreira stating this week that he has been playing at 75% and George John missing the past 3 games with a hamstring problem. Additionally, schedule has played a key role in the timing of this slump. The start of 2013 was fairly easy for FC Dallas with few midweek games. The past couple of months have seen a denser schedule against stiffer competition. Throw in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup also, which our ownership Hunt Sports Group was very hungry for, and you have a slate of activity that will fatigue almost any roster. The team is responsible for some of the mistakes made on the field as well, but no one thing has caused this. These issues all rolled together has left FCD without a win in 6 games. I'm sorry to say to you at the RSL fanbase: FC Dallas is going to be very aggressive in trying to snap this streak at home this weekend. Good luck to both sides.

2. What are some of the weak points Jason Kreis might be targeting on FC Dallas?

I think he will go after our first eleven gaps on the field. Several starters are coming back from injury and may see limited playing time. Our bench depth is stronger this year than in the recent past; however, there still may be opportunity to exploit if Ferreira, John, Jackson, or others have to sit out.

3. Speaking of Jason Kreis - why can't he win in Dallas? Is it mere coincidence, or is there some tenuous bond keeping him tied to his old club? How's the fan reaction when he returns?

At this point, I think it is a curious string of bad luck. There is no reason why Kreis can't win in Dallas (or anywhere in Texas). He's had such success leading RSL past greater opponents (remember #MLSforRSL ?). The statisticians will tell you this trend is likely to even out over time. He may see a few positive results open the flood gates. My bias is that I sincerely hope that this weekend is not the turning point, however. I think we are in for a very exciting game. RSL is always up for a trip to Texas, and FCD is going to be fighting hard to snap their winless spell.

Predicted roster: Fernandez, Loyd, John, Hedges, Michel, Jacobson, Erick, Cooper, Nunez, Jackson, Hassli