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Player Ratings: Morales, Grabavoy get things firing for RSL in 3-0 win over FC Dallas


Josh Saunders- 7 Saunders did well to keep RSL in a good position to win until he went down with a knee problem. It seems to me that he is feeling more and more confident while getting more playing time with Nick Rimando being with the U.S. Men's National Team. Hopefully this knee injury isn't a serious setback as he has been a fantastic backup.

Abdoulie Mansally - 6.5 Mansally stood his ground well for most of the match, but also gave us a little bit of reason to be nervous towards the beginning of the match. At the end up the day he is a very capable outside back on a squad that is full of depth.

Nat Borchers - 7.5 The most consistent performer in the back against Dallas was Nat Borchers. I never got any sense that he wasn't completely confident and in control throughout.

Carlos Salcedo - 6 This was Salcedo's weakest performance out of the handful of matches in which he has featured. That isn't to say it was a horrible showing, it's just that he was caught with his pants down, so to speak, more than once. Javier Morales gave him an earful more than once and it probably looked more controversial than it really was. One way or another, Salcedo is gaining valuable experience both in game time experience and in veterans teaching him at opportune times. That will be priceless going forward.

Chris Wingert - 6.5 Quiet night for the steady veteran. Only made one or two missteps but overall a pretty good night.

Yordany Alvarez - 5.5 Yordany had a very hard time keeping possession of the ball in the first half hour of the game, not that everyone else on the team didn't, but it looked like Yordany was struggling as much or more than anyone else.

Javier Morales - 9.5 Morales' goal was his best of the year. The awareness of the situation and the level of skill required to not only time his shot perfectly to nutmeg the defender but to also surprise the keeper and understand where the keeper had positioned himself, and on top of all that, to place the ball perfectly toward the far post was incredible. Morales is back to the Morales of 2009 and 2010. There is no argument any more.

Ned Grabavoy - 9 Had Morales not had such a fantastic career night, I thought Grabavoy was the man of the match. He repeatedly won the ball and connected well with the rest of his team. He showed his leadership on the club with his persistence and willingness to win at all costs. And his goal was something to behold. What a rocket.

Luis Gil - 5 I don't really recall any sort of critical involvement in play from Gil. To be fair, he was playing well out of position as Kreis changed the formation for this game (and it paid off to be clear.) Can't put too much blame on Gil for this one, but he still needs to find a way to insert himself even if he isn't in his preferred position.

Sebastian Velasquez - 5.5 Not Sebastian's best performance either. He usually doesn't have a problem outsmarting the defenders but he gave the ball away more than once while trying to hold it for too long. No doubt he will bounce back.

Robbie Findley - 6 There was a time or two when Robbie was in a great position to do something good with the ball but there was not one else on the team as far up the field as he was to be able to take the ball. Robbie stretched things out though as per usual and kept the defenders honest.


Joao Plata - 6 A perfect chance to score and he missed the ball. Plata's biggest weakness is his apparent inability to do very well with his scoring chances. Of all the forwards on the team he is statistically the lowest in goals per shot. By far. His strength on the other hand is that he has great chemistry with the rest of the team. They work very well together with Plata and that is a good asset.

Olmes Garcia - 8 Garcia worked so hard that he deserved the goal he got. The ball landed at his feet luckily, but he made the most of the opportunity and now he leads the RSL forwards with 5 goals this season. Not bad at all from the newcomer. Is he a contender for MLS Newcomer of the Year yet?

Jeff Attinella- 8 Nice debut, albeit unfortunate for Saunders. Attinella didn't make me nervous at all. He looked as calm as could be and came up with a couple very nice saves to preserve the 3 points. The depth on this squad is something to behold.