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Player Ratings: RSL reserves rise up to overcome deficit against Vancouver, win 3-2

Charles Barnard takes a look at today's reserve match and doles out ratings on the performers today, including some academy players and a Chilean trialist.

Lalo Fernandez - 6.5 Fernandez made some good saves on the day. He seemed to have very good command of his box. He couldn't have done much to prevent the first goal but might could have done better on the second.

Lovel Palmer - 6 Palmer had a decent game. He linked up with Plata pretty well over the course of the first half and offensively made some good runs.

Chris Wingert - 6.5 Wingert had the captains armband on looked good playing as a center back. His biggest asset today was his vocal leadership on the field.

Aaron Maund - 6.5 Maund played pretty well today. He made one huge breakup towards the end of the match that probably saved a goal. Was solid all the way around.

Jordan Allen - 7.5 Allen had a great game today from the outside back positions as he switched sides at halftime. His footwork with the ball is outstanding and he is very attack minded. He made a lot of good runs into the box and had one shot that was just wide of the net. He seems to have a good work rate and made some very good tackles as well. Very impressive game. (Ed. note: Allen is an academy graduate and will attend University of Virginia in the fall.)

Enzo Martinez - 6.5 Martinez had a very good first half. He seemed to be everywhere on the field breaking up attacks as well as having good distribution. Disappeared a little more in the second half.

Khari Stephenson - 5 Stephenson had a very quiet match. While he didn't do anything poor on the day he just didn't seemed involved as much as I would have expected to see him.

Cole Grossman - 5.5 Grossman also had a very quiet first half. Saw very little of the ball and really had no effect on the match. In the second half he moved back to play outside back and played better making some good tackles and making a couple of runs forward.

Joao Plata - 5.5 I had a really hard time figuring out a score to give Plata. For large portions of the first half, he was RSL best attacking player. But many times attacks would grind to a stop as Plata would try and get too fancy with step overs instead of making the pass to the open man.

Olmes Garcia - 6 You could tell Vancouver was very concerned with Garcia's speed and rightfully so. He works so hard pressuring the back line of opposing teams that it causes them to make mistakes. He had one good chance on goal that he pushed wide.

Devon Sandoval - 5.5 Sandoval was another player that didn't see much of the ball. He seemed to really struggle to get any possession and I don't believe he had a shot all game. But he was very close to getting his foot on a cross in the dying minutes that would have for sure led to another goal.


Sebastian Velasquez - 9 The game changed when Velasquez came into the match. Vancouver could not get the ball off his feet. His goal was thing of beauty and he was close to scoring a second. The RSL attack really came to life with him pulling the strings. He was my MotM.

Benji Lopez - 8 Had a great debut performance as a pro. Cooly slotted home a goal off a deflected ball. He made some really good runs into the box and was very active. Almost had a second goal on the day as well.

Jean-Paul Pineda - 8 The Chilean trialist had a very good game. He seemed to have a very good workrate and scored the winning goal of the game. Was very active in the attack in the second half.

David Viana - 5.5 Viana did okay in the time on the pitch. Had a couple of chances on goal that were deflected. Other than that was somewhat quiet on the field. (Ed. note: Viana, though waived last week, is still training with the club and participated in today's reserve game as a guest player.)

Jon Zabasajja - 6 The very small Zabasajji didn't have a lot of time on the pitch. He made one good run into the box and one very good stop to a fast break. The academy graduate will be playing for SMU in the fall. (Ed. note: Zabasajja is an academy graduate.)