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RSL officials: YSA needs to go or sanctions coming


In a concerted effort to stomp out the "you suck asshole" goal kick chant and other "foul language" that plagues pockets of Major League Soccer stadiums and, indeed, Rio Tinto Stadium, Real Salt Lake's front office has issued a letter to supporters groups describing league-issued consequences if changes are not forthcoming.

Improvements, a letter from the front office to supporters groups says, must be palpable by Aug. 11, with the four matches between then and now set to be evaluated.

Should what the letter terms "significant improvements" not be made by Aug. 11, certain sanctions could be applied. Those include:

-No smoke devices, flag poles, banners, or other displays permitted at home or away matches

-Retract parking passes, stadium credentials, and field passes at Rio Tinto Stadium

-Prohibit drums, megaphones, and Capo Stand

The chant somewhat affectionately known as "YSA" has been an issue in the past in other stadiums, with Seattle Sounders fans the subject of one such campaign earlier this year. In 2011, New England Revolution supporters were at the center of controversy for the chant as well.

It should be noted that the letter specifies that other vulgar chants are in question, and not just the YSA chant.