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Enzo Martinez back on loan at Carolina Railhawks

Matthew Montgomery

Enzo Martinez has been taken back on loan by Carolina Railhawks, rendering his future as a Real Salt Lake player hazy at best.

Martinez excelled on loan at Carolina earlier this year, when he came on late and scored a game-tying goal against Minnesota United.

Generally considered a central midfielder, Martinez -- a Generation Adidas player -- has often trained at right back with Real Salt Lake, as well as featuring there in reserves matches. But with RSL undergoing a shaky moment at full back, owing to injuries and suspensions, Martinez's loan status speaks volumes about his consideration for the spot.

Having been a highly vaunted pick-up in the 2012 SuperDraft, Martinez was seen as having gobs of talent and being essentially MLS-ready. As a Generation Adidas player, he remains off-the-books in contract concerns, but the odds of him seeing time with the club seem to be dropping precipitously.