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USOC coin toss: Real Salt Lake or Portland to host cup final


Real Salt Lake or Portland will host the US Open Cup final, as per a video released by U.S. Soccer; the winner of the August 7 match pitting the two against each other will host the winner of the other side of the bracket: DC United and Chicago Fire.

The hosting decision was determined by a straight coin flip by US Soccer, which was released in an Instagram video.

If Real Salt Lake defeats Portland, it would mark the first time the club has hosted a U.S. Open Cup final, and only the second time they've been host of a final of any sort, having hosted one leg of the burned-into-memories CONCACAF Champions League final in 2011.

It's all very exciting for Real Salt Lake, who have never made it nearly this far in the US Open Cup.

As a reminder, the winner of the cup will gain entry to CONCACAF Champions League — a sure incentive for RSL.