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Midweek Mailbag: Kreis negotiations, Saborio, Morales and more

Another midweek, another mailbag: This time, readers ask about Jason Kreis, Javier Morales, Nat Borchers, Alvaro Saborio — and a whole lot more. We're looking toward the future here, folks.

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Darin DeVore (@darindevore) asks: #RSL fan here. What do you think of the owner's comments about Jason Kreis? Are they letting him go? (Dan Walker and Aaron Morton also asked about efforts to re-sign Kreis.)

We're not letting him go without a fight. I think we can be relatively assured of that. But Dell Loy Hansen is a shrewd businessman, and if he thinks Jason Kreis is on a bigger contract than he deserves, he'll fight to bring the cost down. I don't know how it will end up, but I really, really hope he stays. Obviously. But really, this feels like classic brinksmanship. It's only the beginning, and it will get worse before it gets better, I'm sure.

But if we're to take a second from Hansen's perspective, Kreis has won only the single trophy. Yeah, he's established a very good side, and he's seen as one of the best coaches in MLS, but without trophies, what does it mean? Again, from Hansen's perspective - one not entirely versed in soccer and MLS - this means something. In fact, to a lot of owners across the world, it means something. But MLS is an interesting league, and it's increasingly difficult to win trophies. There are not going to be teams that are always winning trophies.

I want us to keep Kreis, and I think he's worth whatever he's asking, if not more. But Dell Loy Hansen - well, he's not rich for being flippant with his cash.

Jerrad Pullum (@jpullum31) asks: Do you think Saborio can win the golden boot this year? How many goals will it take?

Technically, yes - I think he is not completely out of the running. He's only five goals behind Camilo and Mike Magee, but he'll really have to continue his goalscoring form. It's not that he can't do it, but it's a big ask.

Dan Walker (@walkerjrz) asks: Was it a good thing to have a humbling performance in LA?

I don't know. Is it ever a good thing to be humbled by an opponent? I mean, there can be a lot we learn from the loss, but we needed those points if we're to maintain our Supporters Shield fight. We're still in the lead and we still have a modicum of control (if not total control), so I don't mean to sound too doom-ridden. We're in a good position.

Jester (@Termayo) asks: Any indication to think that Brandon McDonald was brought in to replace Nat Borchers in the coming year? He seems to have lost a few steps.

I don't know about that, but it's an interesting thought. I don't know that Borchers has lost a few steps, honestly, but I do know that he's lost an ever-present partner at the back, and that makes a big difference in how he performs. Carlos Salcedo is finally starting to look like he could be that partner, but he's not there yet. So much of what a defender does relies on understanding and communication, it becomes a difficult proposition to switch them around rapidly. I'd actually say that, given the circumstances, Borchers has over-delivered.

That said, I didn't really answer the question. It's an interesting thought.

Jake (@SLTID_Jake) asks: Why aren't we in Portland?? That is all.

You tell me, Jake. You tell me.

Aaron Morton (@UtahMortReport) asks: Why hasn't RSL parked a dump truck full of cash to Kreis' house and re-sign him? He would more than double the investment.

I answered above, but while we're at it, let's just say that I hope we do just that. I mean, maybe not a dump truck. Maybe a few suitcases to convince him.

Dan Walker asks another one: Do you think we'll sign a 3rd DP in the near future?

I don't think so, but if we find the right player and it proves advantageous, sure. But there are some real downsides to it that a big market club can shoulder - financial ramifications beyond the salary of the player - and that's surely a restricting factor.

Jester asks another, too: Can you touch on Javi's future/replacement? RSL attack seems lost without him and though he is playing well, he can't have many years left.

I don't really know how to answer this question. Before this season, I was a little worried that he wasn't going to have the same level of fitness and ability as in the past. I've been proven wrong, and I think he will have more in the tank after this season. But I will say that nobody really seems the heir apparent to him quite yet. Sebastian Velasquez might be that man, but he's far from it at the moment. Time will truly tell.

Trevor Brady (@trevor_brady) asks: Where is the mailbag physically located? I'd like to send a letter.

As all good mail carriers know, you don't leave the mailbag someplace. I have it with me. You'll have to hand-deliver it, or find the Speedy Delivery specialist, Mr. McFeely, to help you.