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If Saborio has a knock, who starts in attack for RSL?


Reports from Ben Jata, an editor for, have indicated that Alvaro Saborio has a knock and could be doubtful for the start. If that is indeed the case, who steps in?

Before we even start talking about who might partner Saborio, we should probably ask if he plays. I don't know — does he? You know as much as I do at this point. It's worth considering, though, that Saborio has played through a fair few knocks in his day. It was unusual to see him come off the pitch in the 66th minute last match, though.

I thought at the time it was surely because we have a busy week and Kreis was protecting him, but if he really does have an injury concern, that does hurt us a bit. But we've done well without Saborio this summer, so there's no reason to think we can't do it again.

Who might start, then? Plata? Findley? Garcia? Hey, even Devon Sandoval? It all really depends on the formation we play. Plata's in good form, and Findley's not looking bad himself. Olmes Garcia's had an off few weeks, having not scored since July 13, but he's young and mercurial and will surely be triumphant in his efforts again.

My vote might be for a 4-3-3 formation — or, as Jason reportedly calls it, a 4-2-1-3 — with Plata playing up top. It would disrupt the normal flow of the play to the striker, but it would allow Plata to drop deep to collect the ball at times, with the wide strikers cutting inside to cause havoc. That's a good thing.

Should he miss the match, it puts him at least another few days out of hitting the 50-regular-season-MLS-goal mark for Real Salt Lake, which, while a bit ridiculous sounding, is surely a milestone worth remembering.