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Match Thread: Real Salt Lake v. Portland Timbers

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Attinella; Beltran, Borchers, McDonald, Wingert; Alvarez, Stephenson, Grabavoy, Morales; Plata, Findley | Subs: Lalo Fernandez, Lovel Palmer, Abdoulie Mansally, Cole Grossman, Luis Gil, Olmes Garcia, Devon Sandoval (Starting XI changes marked in italics)

Why Attinella? I've been told by RSL Communications that Nick Rimando has been dealing with a bit of a stomach bug he's been battling since, apparently, this morning. Too bad — but it never hurts to give the promising youngster some time on the pitch.

Why no Saborio? The striker has a bit of a calf strain. Let's hope he recovers quickly.

Why no Salcedo? As we discussed below, Salcedo hasn't played a midweek match after a weekend match. This is no exception.


Last time: RSL 2-1 Timbers in the USOC

Last time RSL was in Portland: RSL 3-2 Timbers ... March 31, 2012. Really, it was that long ago.

Lineup predictions: Well, we're really just gearing up for the match right now, so let's talk about the lineup. Suspect it looks a little something like this: Rimando; Beltran, Borchers, McDonald, Wingert; Alvarez, Grabavoy, Gil, Morales; Plata, Garcia

Why McDonald? Jeremy (of section 26 fame) thinks he saw Carlos Salcedo training today. That wouldn't surprise me. He's never played a midweek match after a weekend match for RSL. Brandon McDonald would be the natural choice.

Why Plata/Garcia together? They've been a good combination, I think. At least in theory. Outside of the 4-3-3 experiment, they've both been solid, to my mind. It also might be the case that Saborio has a knock. Ick.

Pre-match reading: There's plenty of it this week.

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