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Kreis's contract: What we know about ongoing negotiations between club, Kreis


In yesterday's interview on ESPN700, Jason Kreis spoke about his contract situation. He was straightforward — as he typically is about things — so let's go over what we know.

Listen to Kreis's comments on ESPN 700

  • Jason Kreis has an agent who is handling contract negotiations. This is the same agent he used when he was a player.
  • The coaching staff underneath Kreis has the same agent handling contract negotiations, which, to be honest, makes the proposition of losing not just Kreis but the entire staff a prospect I'd rather not consider. (Note: Jake — @sltid_jake and an occasional contributor to RSL Soapbox — reports that contracts of staff are staggered.)
  • Kreis is of the opinion — and, given results, rightly so — that his focus should be on the field. It has been, he says, and this is down to his agent handling negotiations.
  • Dell Loy Hansen is a shrewd businessman and will look to get the best value for his money, but the fact that negotiations remain ongoing speaks to the desire of both sides to retain the status quo, and for Kreis to remains RSL's coach.
  • Kreis is willing to leave things until the end of the season, if needed. That puts him in a strong negotiating position and the club in a poor one, but honestly — I'd rather we overpay him than lose him. But it's a risky move on his side if it's left until the final moments — if we win a trophy, surely he'll go up in value; should we fail at the asking yet again, it will be difficult to ask for more.

And that's about the extent of what's publicly known. Obviously enough, he's a substantial part of the club and it's vital he remains — for the players, for the fans, for the club.