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Midweek Mailbag: Sponsors, Kreis, adverbs, success and the academy

Once again, it's time for that midweek mailbag!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Walker (@walkerjrz) asks: Is it safe to say that Xango will not resign as as our kit sponsor? If not who do you think would take their spot?

I think that's a safe assumption at this point, both because we're in the market for a bigger-money sponsor, and because Xango is in some real trouble, though they call it re-strategizing or some other meaningless term. We deserve a better sponsor, too - and let's hope it's not another multi-level marketing company that takes it. I have no clue who would take their spot, though I sure wish I did.

Jester (@Termayo) asks: Is there a better coach out there for RSL than Jason Kreis? If he doesn't come back, who is on the short list to replace him?

Probably, but when I say that there's a better coach out there, I mean only in terms of innate ability. Jason Kreis is still learning his trade, and there have been times that's hurt us. That said, that's only really the case when you consider the club only as a shell for a manager to take over. Kreis is a perfect coach for this club when we talk about personnel, style and other factors. Could we have won more with a different head coach? Who knows. But the important thing is that we have established an identity as not just a good attacking club, but a good club for players.

As far as the short list, I can't even start to think about that.

Sam Stejskal (@samstejskal) asks: Can you tell me what an adverb is? Please. I need help.

It's, uh ... I don't know. One of those word things you use next to another word that does things when you want to make it different.

Chez (@chezgreen21) asks: What results at the end of this season make it a successful one? Playoff run, all 3 trophies, open cup champs, etc?

We're at a point now that winning a trophy seems almost something we must do - and perhaps it is. We've been in the ascendency for some time, but we've won just that one trophy. We've come close to two others - the Supporters Shield in 2010, the CONCACAF Champions League in 2011 - but we've lost out late on in the consideration both times. We've lost some vital matches at home at important times. It's time we put that right, and winning a trophy is the best way to do it. But will winning one be enough? I don't know. We're in good positions, and it would be a shame to lose out. Let's say ... we'd have a successful season with one trophy, but we can do much, much better than that.

Travis Triggs @MagmaRider asks: With RSL setting up a youth academy here in Utah, what does that mean for the one in Arizona? The end? Rivalry between the two?

Everything I've heard has made clear that the Arizona academy will remain as a long-term RSL academy, and that the Utah academy would come in alongside it. Now, how exactly that will function remains to be seen, and I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the Utah academy isn't a residential setup when it comes into play. A rivalry between the two would be fantastic, but certainly the goal will be the same: To produce good players and, as they so often remind us, good people.

Jerrad Pullum @jpullum31 asks: With 7 matches left, which fixture is most important to get a result in in order for #RSL to claim the 2013 Supporter's shield?

Ah, er ... all of them? Let's just start with the next one. That's the most important right now. Of course, it's against Portland, so that's sort of a given. Once we have five matches remaining, I'll start breaking down the odds and all that.

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