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RSL, Seattle, and the Supporters Shield: Implications for Friday's big match


The biggest match of the year? Perhaps. Friday's match pitting RSL against Seattle Sounders could end with a swing for either side, and the effects could ripple through the Supporters Shield race.

Real Salt Lake sits with 48 points from 28 matches — 1.71 points per game. This is pretty strong, and certainly enough to guarantee us a playoff spot, though not mathematically, but really, that's a non-concern.

Seattle sits with 46 points from 26 matches — 1.77 points per game. This, you see, is slightly better than our points-per-game measure, but we shouldn't let that get at us.

As the two sides play in a heated battle tomorrow, the impact could be vast. A win for RSL sees them with 51 points from 29 matches — 1.76 points per game, and Seattle with 46 points from 27 games — 1.70 points per game. This puts RSL slightly in the drivers seat, but two wins for Seattle in their games-in-hand would still them jump ahead.

A win for Seattle sees RSL with 48 from 29 — 1.65 points per game — and Seattle with 49 from 27 — 1.81 points per game. That's quite good.

A draw would see RSL with 49 from 29 — 1.69 points per game — and Seattle with 47 from 27 — 1.74 points per game. This escalates the race outside of the match, but it also leaves a golden opportunity for Montreal Impact, currently at 45 points from 26 matches — to leap in and take the race by the metaphorical horns.

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There are certainly Supporters Shield implications to this, but more important right now is ensuring that RSL finishes ahead of Seattle. Anything less than a win makes that a very difficult proposition indeed.