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Reserves Ratings: RSL bolstered by Schuler's return to action, Mansally performance in 2-0 win over Chivas USA

Real Salt Lake's reserves were bolstered by a fine performance from Abdoulie Mansally and another return of Chris Schuler to action as they defeated Chivas USA 2-0 in the final MLS Reserve League match of the season.


Jeff Attinella- 6.5 - Attinella did not have much to do in the match as Chivas did not have much of an offensive attack. He did make good save on a header in the box.

Lovel Palmer- 6.5 - Was quiet most of the match. Defensively he was okay but gets bonus points for the assist on the second goal.

Chris Schuler- 7 - Schuler had a good game in the back. He didn't look to have any ill effects from his previous injuries. He really took command in the back with his vocal leadership. He had a really good sliding block that took away a goal scoring chance.

Brandon McDonald- 6.5 - McDonald looked really good in the match. He has a toughness that can be a real strength to the team if he keeps it in check. He seemed to have good chemistry with Schuler.

Abdoulie Mansally - 8 - Mansally was my MotM. Although he did not show up on the scoring sheet he played better than I have ever seen him. He was very involved in the attack having one great shot on goal. His link up play with Garcia in the first half was outstanding. He also sent in a couple of good crosses to forwards. On the defensive end he was active as well and broke up one solid scoring chance.

Yordany Alvarez- 4 - Alvarez had an off game. His passing was poor on the day. He had a 1-on-1 with the keeper and put the shot over the net. He had two other players in the box and a pass to either would have lead to an easy goal.

Cole Grossman- 6 - Grossman had a solid but not stand out really either. He made some good passes to get other players into the attack. Although he went the full 90 he did not have much of an affect on the match.

Luis Gil- 7 - Gil had a very good first half. His control on the ball was outstanding. Chivas had a very difficult time getting the ball off his feet. He also got into some very dangerous spots on a couple of occasions.

Sebastian Velasquez- 7 - It was a tale of two halfs for Velasquez. He was pretty much invisible the first half while Gil was in the game. Once Gil left early in the second half he really stepped up his game. He scored a PK goal and could have had another but was a little too unselfish in that case. He dominated the midfield for the final 20 minutes of the match.

Devon Sandoval- 6 - Sandoval put in another workmanlike performance. He is getting to be pretty good flicking on headers and he is one of the best players on the team for chesting down balls to his teammates. He has very good chemistry with Garcia. He needs to work at when the ball is at his feet.

Olmes Garcia- 7 - Garcia terrorized the Chivas defense all day long. His speed could not be matched and he had many opportunities at goal. He did seem too selfish at times taking bad shots when teammates were open. He does get bonus points for drawing the PK.


Benji Lopez- 5 - While Lopez did not make any mistakes while he was in the match, he really didn't have many positive plays either. Was outshone on the day by Jackson.

John Stertzer- 5.5 - The best way to describe Stertzer on the day was rusty. You could tell that it took him a little while to get up to game speed. He did play very hard and you could see the skill is there. He looked pretty gassed by the end of his 30 minute shift.

Aaron Maund- 6 - By the time Maund came into the match Chivas was total on the back foot and did not have much of an attack. He did make one nice break up but other than that did not have much to do.

Nick Jackson- 7 - Academy product Nick Jackson had a really good game. He had good speed and made some nice runs with and without the ball. He did make some mistakes but that is to be expected from such a young player. While he had an open net look on his goal, he was at a full run when he received the pass and it took some skill to keep the ball down.

Rich Balchan - 6 - He didn't have a lot of playing time on the field, he did make the most of the time he had. He got into the attack and put a shot just wide of target. Looked very active as well.