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Reserves Ratings: Academy prospect Glad steals show in 1-1 draw against Timbers

RSL's reserves took on Portland Timbers in a televised matchup; I'll go over some ratings, but you're welcome to disagree — and with evidence! Rewatch the match on RSL Soapbox / YouTube.

The defense: 7. Good, not great. Not terribly tested.

Lalo Fernandez: 7.5. Perhaps could have done more with the shot that he let in, but by and large was a solid goalkeeper. It's nice to see Fernandez developing.

Justen Glad: 8. He's just an academy kid, and he's part of the US U-17s, but Glad had a fantastic night at right back. He didn't look out of place, and that's some feat for a 16 or 17-year-old kid. Got forward very comfortably, retreated back exactly when he should. He'll improve over time, certainly, and that puts the kid's future pretty far up there at this point. It's not the first time he's been good for the reserves, and here's hoping it's not the last.

Carlos Salcedo: 7. Was never too troubled, but looked capable carrying the ball out of the back.

Aaron Maund: 6. Looked at about the same level as Salcedo defensively, but on a few occasions, he played his passes directly to a Timbers attacker. That's untenable.

Lovel Palmer: 7.5. Palmer gets forward better than some might believe, and he gets back equally well. He's not quite starting material, but he's not far off. Although the goal conceded came down his side, it was systemic failure that led to it.

The midfield: 6. We didn't build much, and we sort of turned possession over more than we should. We have to give more opportunity to build for the forwards.

Yordany Alvarez: 7. He was at the center of things and did well defensively. Not much else needs to be said, except perhaps that he didn't get a stupid red card, so the doomsaying can stop. Please.

Khari Stephenson: 6.5. I'm torn on this one. Stephenson was good going both ways, but he didn't really offer anything in the way of a change to the game. Captained the side well, but wasn't special. Still, could have changed the game with a couple of his long shots.

Cole Grossman: 6.5. See above. Grossman was not spectacular going forward or back, but was fine in both. At this point in his RSL career, he's a fine role player. He'll improve, no doubt.

Sebastian Velasquez: 6.5. Didn't really create terribly much, but was always slightly dangerous.

The attack: 6.5. Could have been better, could have been worse. Could also have stayed with two attackers, but we didn't.

Devon Sandoval: 8. Good night for the rookie; he took his goal superbly from a throw-in and threatened a few other times. Needs a little bit more precision in his attack, but that will come.

Olmes Garcia: 6. Was doing well until his second-half red card. Went in rashly and dangerously — absolutely a sending off in my book for his scissor tackle, which could have injured the opponent.