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2013 Player Profiles: David Viana promising, but departs in summer with no appearances

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

David Viana was signed in the middle of 2012 as an exciting, skillful attacking midfielder - but one that perhaps didn't fit squarely or indeed neatly into our system.

This sort of thing happens. It's happened with us a fair few times, after all, and to an extent it's useful to have a player who breaks the system a bit. Viana was exactly that sort of player. He was perhaps best as a left-sided attacking midfielder, best in a 4-3-3 or some such - definitely a bit different than we ever really deployed.

In 2013, his expected role was somewhat up in the air. He presented an opportunity to get an innately skilled player on the field, but he made no appearances for the club before being released in the early summer months.

Expectations weren't necessarily high for him, but his ability to adapt to RSL's system is unfortunate. He moved to English fifth-tier club Luton Town in September 2013, and he seems to have made two appearances, both in the FA Trophy. He's nearly 22 now - he's got everything in front of him - but he'll have to turn into a player his coach simply must play because of his ability. Until he reaches that point, his career will be somewhat up and down.