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Your Say: Who is RSL's best draft pick?

Steve Dykes

This week, we're really focusing on the MLS SuperDraft because, well, it takes place tomorrow.

If you haven't read Wes Brown's SuperDraft history, that's a good place to start: 2010 to 2013 | 2005 to 2009

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our best picks in the draft have come in the last few years. Indeed, if you'll look over to 2005 to 2009, you'll see that we were really lacking in draft pick quality. The biggest highlight, undoubtedly, is our 3rd round pick in 2008: Tony Beltran. 2010 to 2013 saw our pick quality increase, as we brought in players like Collen Warner, Chris Schuler and others who went on to become first-team regulars.

It certainly hasn't always been incredibly successful, but the draft has been an effective means for RSL to acquire young, exciting players.

Without further ado, tell us who your favorite draft pick is for RSL (from the following options):

2008: Tony Beltran (#3)
2010: Collen Warner (#15)
2010: Chris Schuler (#39)
2012: Sebastian Velasquez (#36)
2013: Devon Sandoval (#29)

Or, if none of these is your favorite, comment with your pick.