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Yordany Alvarez returns to Orlando City, RSL receives fourth round pick in 2017


Yordany Alvarez has returned to Orlando City on a year-long loan from Real Salt Lake, marking the return of the Cuban midfielder to the club where he got his start in the United States.

Additionally, Real Salt Lake will receive Orlando City's lowest 2017 fourth round draft pick (likely putting in the 82-84 range, but if future trades see them receive lower picks, the lowest of those will be taken instead) in exchange for the MLS rights of Alvarez.

Given Orlando City will join MLS in 2015, the loan deal and an MLS agreement sounds slightly less unusual, but it's certainly not a straightforward move.

Orlando City, then Austin Aztex (a club which has since been re-formed), were the first club Alvarez joined on a permanent basis after his flight from Cuba.

Alvarez joined the club at the tail end of the 2011 season, not long after being named the USL MVP. He went on to make 38 regular season appearances for the club, earning 10 yellow cards and two ejections.