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Roster Report: With few changes in personnel, little uncertainty remains

Taking a look at Real Salt Lake's roster reveals one thing: We're in a very strong position, and changes will be hard to come by. This isn't a bad thing.

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Nick Rimando - Easily one of the best goalkeepers in MLS, if not the best outright. Arguably RSL's top player last season.

Chris Schuler - He's become one of our most important players despite being injury prone, which is a real feat.

Kyle Beckerman - Our captain on and off the pitch.

Javier Morales - After a standout season - perhaps his strongest for RSL, despite his age - there's no way he leaves now.

Alvaro Saborio - A top striker and the man at the center of how we play in attack.

Nearly untouchable

Nat Borchers - Looking over the downward slope of his career, but with a few years left in him yet.

Tony Beltran - A very capable right back that's still learning and growing in a starting role.

Chris Wingert - Like Borchers, his years are limited, but he's still effective and an important member of the squad

Jordan Allen - We just signed one of the most talented young players in the United States. He's not going anywhere.

Luis Gil - The youngster, now with the USMNT for the first time, is not untouchable only because plenty of other teams are interested. If somebody makes us an offer we can't refuse? Well, we'll have to think about that one.

Ned Grabavoy - His best-ever season last year, and an important part of the way we play.

Olmes Garcia - We paid good money for him, and he is extremely talented. One for the future and the present.

On quite firm footing

Jeff Attinella - A good backup option, without a doubt. His low salary and potential will keep him here.

Lalo Fernandez - Impressive young goalkeeper with the world in front of him. No reason why he can't do that for us in a number of years. Not going anywhere unless we find another third-string keeper, anyway.

Carlos Salcedo - The youngster played not inconsiderable minutes in his first season with the club. He's going places, but we've got him here for now.

Ryan Neil - Our first-round draft pick, and he's already signed. Don't see him going anywhere as yet.

Cole Grossman - But for a concussion that kept him out for much of last season, he'd have been an important player for us. Down the stretch, he was an option. I don't see any reason why that will change.

Sebastian Velasquez - Immensely talented, great with the ball at his feet, and growing in confidence and ability. No reason to change that.

Luke Mulholland - We just signed him, and he's well-considered for his NASL time. Won't go anywhere yet.

Joao Plata - Kept us going in the middle of the season when we could have had a lull. He's fitting in and doing well.

Devon Sandoval - More potential than most would have thought on first viewing, and a capable performer in big-game situations last year. And a rookie. Really.

Robbie Findley - Struggled a bit in the early going last season, particularly through a knee injury, but was immense during the playoffs.

Replaceable but valuable

Kwame Watson-Siriboe - Still not fit but very capable. He still needs to show what he's capable of after his recovery.

Rich Balchan - Talented and strong, but an injury risk. Still hasn't played first-team minutes since 2011.

John Stertzer - Like a few others, he spent much of 2013 injured. Was an exciting first-round pick last year, but he'll need to show that he's got something to offer.

Plenty to prove

Abdoulie Mansally - Was at times a liability in 2013, but he showed very well when called upon in the playoffs.

Aaron Maund - Talented, strong, but did not have a great campaign last season. He's young but needs to push past Watson-Siriboe and Salcedo for even backup minutes.

Benji Lopez - A highly considered talent but some way off first-team minutes still. He's our sixth-choice striker at this point. He'll need a strong preseason to show he's worth keeping around long-term.

Outside looking in

Joey Dillon - Late draft picks are a gamble. Dillon is no exception. Considered a good fit for RSL, but we've yet to see that ourselves. Could make the squad. Maybe.

Daniel Jackson - An interesting Division II prospect we picked up in the Not-Called-Supplemental-Any-Longer SuperDraft Fourth Round. We clearly had eyes on him before the draft. Very, very unproven.