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Your Say: Mock-Transfer Deadline Day for RSL -- who would you sign?

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It's the ever-illustrious Transfer Deadline DayTM®© over in England, and it's difficulty to resist getting in on the fun, even if there's really nothing going on over here.

So to join in on the fun, let's have our own little transfer deadline day party - let's pretend that it's the last day of the window, we're desperately in need of one player, and that player has to come from MLS. Who would you choose?

But to make it a bit more fair, let's set some guidelines. That player can't have made more than 20 appearances for his club in 2013, and he can't have signed for his current club during this offseason. He can, however, be a former RSL player.

Ready? Go. I'll start us off.

* * *

We could use an additional midfielder with proven talent that doesn't need to start every minute of every match. They should be reliable in a backup position but young enough that there's an upside. For me, that player is Collen Warner - he played 17 matches at Montreal Impact in 2013, and he's a player we know a lot about, as they only picked him up from us in the 2012 Expansion Draft.