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Jeff Attinella rolled his ankle in training today — will Lalo get his first start?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

So much for mystery headlines, right? Jeff Attinella, according to Jeff Cassar through ace Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Kamrani, rolled his ankle during training today.

Yes, he rolled his ankle the day before the match, and with Nick Rimando away with the national team.

We'd like to take a moment to express our frustration with this turn of events. I mean, what sort of luck is that? Chris Schuler had his face broken to bits last weekend, and this weekend, we could be facing a match without our first and second-choice goalkeepers. Horrible. That's how I feel.

OK, now that we're done with that: Lalo Fernandez is a good goalkeeper. Presumably. He's not seen any first-team action, but he's been solid in the last year of reserves action. He's had his share of spectacular saves, and he's good plucking balls out of the air.

So maybe we see him tomorrow, maybe we don't. Maybe Jeff Attinella is actually fine and it was merely precautionary. We'll see. But with injuries coming hard and fast for our team, maybe this sort of thing gives us a chance to test our depth — or a chance to not break another player.

When you're a third-string goalkeeper, these are the opportunities you have to be ready for. Lalo Fernandez wasn't likely to play a first-team game for some time, but maybe he'll play one tomorrow.

I guess we don't always know the answer to these questions.

Here's hoping, though, that Attinella can at least make the bench. While I'm fine with our third-string goalkeeper starting a game if necessary, it would be nice to have a goalkeeper we know on the bench.