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Joao Plata scores twice for Ecuador against El Salvador, both in audacious fashion

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Joao Plata's goalscoring antics are continuing apace, and he's doing it now for Ecuador. He scored his first and second international goals today against El Salvador, and both of them had an air of the fantastic to them — sort of like every goal he scores for us.

The first — his first — came around the 15th minute against El Salvador. It takes a pretty wicked deflection, but it's still a good look towardgoal.

The second came in the first half, too, and while it's not as ostentatious, it's every bit as beautiful as he slides the ball between the goalkeeper's legs.

Plata played 72 minutes in the match, scoring just the two goals. We were really hoping for a hat trick from the kid.