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Everyone loves Nick Rimando. MLS Insider is no exception. Watch "The Penalty Killer"

MLS Insider produced this absolutely stunning video on one Nick Rimando, and it's really kind of emotional and nice.

Maybe it has something to do with starting out with a little MLS Cup 2014 recap (sigh) and his relationship with his family.

While you really should watch it, here are some highlights.

  • Nick stopping Clint Dempsey in the 2004 MLS Cup final to win the whole thing
  • The unexpected departure from DC United and how he lost his spot after leading the way to glory
  • Lagerwey talking about how the past management almost lost Rimando for peanuts — a fourth-round draft pick to New York — but got him back through a shock retirement
  • Rimando saving penalty after penalty after penalty. Mind games. Lots of mind games.
  • Winning the MLS Cup in 2009.
  • Beckerman: "We just trust him."
  • Rimando's not planning on retiring any time soon. Bless his heart.
Anyway, if you needed any reassurance that Nick's simply the best, watch this. If you just want the warm, fuzzy feelings, watch this. If you're bored? Yeah, you get it.