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Nick Rimando is up for two saves of the week. Just name him Goalkeeper of the Year already.

In a not-at-all-shocking development, Nick Rimando's been pegged for two potential spots in MLS's Save of the Week. Not bad for a player who's never won Goalkeeper of the Year, right?

Well, yeah. It's good. But is it good enough? Nick rimando was amazing on Friday, and we think he deserves a smidgen more recognition than even that. And by 'we think,' I mean that I vigorously propose that each and every one of us sends him a thank you card, a bouquet of flowers, a free pizza — the sky's the limit, folks.

He's up for two saves. The first is him denying Rodney Wallace when he bursts off his line to paw away the ball on the ground near the top of the box, then makes a diving save backward to catch the ensuing shot; the second is him denying Darlington Nagbe with a glorious diving save that involved some incredible lateral movement.

Now, we can't really deny that the other saves aren't bad. But Nick Rimando had one amazing night, and we wish he could just be named Goalkeeper of the Year for once. That he hasn't been is sort of a black mark on MLS. Regardless, onward, upward, et cetera. It's not just about the recognition, but it doesn't hurt, does it?