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Selected post-match quotes from last night's win over Chivas USA

With last night's win in the books, Real Salt Lake will head to the playoffs on a positive note with a three-match unbeaten and shutout streak. We've compiled some of the best post-match interview quotes from Jeff Cassar and the players.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

All quotes are courtesy of Real Salt Lake communications.

Nat Borchers on revised approach under Cassar

"Jeff came in and wanted to submit some new ideas and he wanted to be more aggressive, he wanted to play more out of the back. I think that we have definitely done that. We've been more aggressive and we tried to play more out of the back. With 56 points, definitely a good season from that standpoint."

Ned Grabavoy on a mentality shift

"We kind of always find ourselves in this position a little bit. Obviously there's the danger of the play-in game, but we kind of always find ourselves in a position where the Supporters' Shield is a little bit out of reach, and so we have these last handful of games where we're jockeying for position a little bit, but ultimately we know that this season is about to start, so now that this game is over, I think that the thought process is where the flip just switches and we think to ourselves that the season is just beginning now, so I think that we all collectively feel that in this locker room. The important time has come now."

Chris Wingert on playing under Jeff Cassar

"One of the big reasons why they wanted to hire Jeff is that we could keep things similar and it would be an easy transition for the players, someone that we know, like and respect. I think they were hoping that it would turn out kind of like how it is, and obviously we want to challenge for the Supporters' Shield, but at the same time we're in the same region again and unfortunately a couple of teams had an awesome year, so we find ourselves a little lower in the standings going into the playoffs, but the only time we ever won a championship was when we were in a lower seed."

Jeff Cassar on attitude

"This is an experienced group of players that know what time of the season this is. We had been preparing for Portland as a playoff game, this was a playoff game. I was really pleased with the overall urgency that our guys played with, both offensively and defensively."