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You tell us: How'd RSL do in 2014 regular season?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like only yesterday that the season was starting and Real Salt Lake was off to a 12-game unbeaten streak (with half of those wins, which isn't super-spectacular, but is hardly bad at all.) And now, but a few scant days ago, the bulk of the season slammed to an abrupt halt.

And yeah, we've got the playoffs with which to contend, so we don't have much time for navel-gazing yet (that will come with time; don't you worry.) But let's just take a moment to reflect on this, and let's get your take on it.

It was Jeff Cassar's first regular season, and because of that, it was one which didn't see much turnover in the squad. We brought in a few players, but the most notable name has been Luke Mulholland, who has slotted into the midfield with surprising ease. He's broken the learning curve.

The regular season saw breakout performances from players like Carlos Salcedo, Aaron Maund, John Stertzer, Rich Balchan, and more — but there were plenty of struggles, too.

Injuries to Jordan Allen, Stertzer, Balchan (repeatedly), Alvaro Saborio, and others have eaten at our depth. Long-term international absences with the World Cup made things difficult, too, when Kyle Beckerman and Nick Rimando departed for a big chunk of the summer.

It's been a season filled with storylines. What are the biggest? The most notable? Was the regular season a success, or was our final points total too low? Did we disappoint or overperform? You tell us.