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It's official: Chivas USA is gone; Houston, SKC move to Western Conference

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As was expected, Chivas USA has departed this mortal coil, leaving their players and staff in a bit of limbo. As a result of their departure and the additions of New York City FC and Orlando City SC to the Eastern Conference, Houston Dynamo and Sporting Kansas City are moving to the West.

There will be a dispersal draft for the club's players, to take place at some undisclosed or undecided point.

The 34-game schedule makeup has been revealed as well: clubs will play each team in the opposing conference once — five home matches and five away matches — and will play their conference opponents home and away. That leaves only 28 games, though, so an additional six games (three home, three away) will be played by each team against conference opponents, further unbalancing an already unbalanced schedule.

So there's your Monday news: Chivas is gone, Houston and Kansas City come over, and the schedule gets a bit weirder.

How fun.