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Kyle Beckerman up for goal of the week, should win because he's awesome

Kyle Beckerman is up for goal of the week for a neat striker's finish against Chivas USA last week — it was a perfectly slotted ball past Dan Kennedy that sealed the game — and we think you should vote for him.

The other goals in the list might be a little more spectacular, from a diving header that took some great reach to ... reach, to a couple great runs past defenses, to a simply solid shot. But Kyle Beckerman's is better.


It's not just about the quality of the finish, although there is plenty there to be had. It's like a pie filled with pure, unadulterated quality. It's not just because the pass was brilliant, even though it was. And it's not even because of the run, which was great and all that.

It's not because he deserves a goal of the week because he's never had one, either. He had one in the second week of the season (that one was great, too.)

It's because he's great. He's our captain. He's the guy leading our team week-in, week-out (except when he's off at the World Cup, which is also respectable.) Call it bias, call it stuffing ballots. It doesn't really matter what you call it.

Whether you vote or not, Kyle Beckerman will wake up in the morning and be Kyle Beckerman. He doesn't need this. He'll play just as well with or without it. If that's not a reason to award somebody something, I don't know what is.

Besides — just look at that hair. Yeah, I'd vote for him.