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Watch this: MLS Insider's feature on Joao Plata and his rise at RSL

We spend so much time talking about Joao Plata that sometimes it's reassuring to know that other people are pretty into him, too.

This week, MLS Insider (insider being literal here) released a nice profile on Plata, and it covers some important parts of his career. From his Toronto troubles — being the only player who spoke Spanish at the team in 2011, to his difficulties adjusting to a new country — to the transition made easier at Real Salt Lake by his teammates and the club's staff.

It's pretty remarkable, really. Joao Plata was brought to Toronto on loan, who later paid a pretty penny to keep him there. He had trouble transitioning: He was young but promising, a foreigner in a team chock full of them but the only one speaking Spanish. He was distant from his home and his culture.

Cue 2013 and his arrival at Real Salt Lake. He's part of a cohesive locker room with not only a strong Latino contingent, but a real togetherness across the squad. There's something reassuring, exciting and heartwarming about this video. I recommend you watch it a lot, because I can't stop.