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Schuler pegged for Saturday return against LA Galaxy by Garth Lagerwey

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Schuler could be set for a return to action on Saturday, Garth Lagerwey revealed on ESPN700 yesterday.

This is slightly surprising news, but only because things have been slightly cagey with his availability. He apparently actually did that hit-ball-with-head thing today in training, which really seems like the best litmus test for a return.

Lagerwey waxed effusive about Schuler and his return: "(He) absolutely crushed a header off of a service. He's back, baby. There's no way you can put that much power and velocity on a header if you weren't feeling confident about that mask and how it felt and how it functioned."

While Carlos Salcedo has done an admirable job in replacing Schuler over the last three matches of the regular season, there's little doubt that having Schuler back in contention gives Real Salt Lake the best chance for success. And with Salcedo heading off before too long for international duty, and it might mean he'll miss potential playoff action. Even if Salcedo was at the level of Schuler, the potential for disruption is there.

And if you're not convinced this is a Good ThingTM, here -- have some highlights from the last time we faced LA Galaxy in the playoffs.